Bambi Sleep 00 – Rapid Induction Script

Alright Bambi.

Hello again.

Can you feel it?

That’s right Bambi.

Can you feel how good it feels.

To be called Bambi?

Because you know what’s going to happen now.

You’re going to go so deep.

Just like you’ve gone so many times before.

And you’re going to be such a good girl.

Just like you’ve been so many times before.

Are you ready?

Are you ready, Bambi?

Just get comfortable.

Just start to relax.

Just take a deep breath.

Hold it for a moment.

And breathe out.

Take another deep breath.

Hold it.

Focus on my words.

And Bambi Sleep.

That’s right, deeper and deeper ready to obey.

Bambi Sleep deeper and deeper.

Just Bambi Sleep now.

That’s right, Bambi Sleep.

Plummeting deep down ready to obey.

Ready for your conditioning.

That’s such.

A Good Girl.

Feeling so good Bambi.

As you sleep so deeply.

As you go blank.

As you listen and obey.


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